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Book club discussion sheet: A Love and Beyond by Dan Sofer

Beware: spoilers below! Review this companion sheet with your friends after reading A Love and Beyond.

Soul mates

Dave learns about two types of soul mates.

  • Who is his First Pairing and who his Second Pairing?
  • Does this change during the story?
  • Do you believe in soul mates?
  • Is it possible to "miss" your soul mate?
  • Have you met your soul mate/s?
  • Does it really matter?
  • Is it possible to make someone fall in love with you?


Dave is not eager to compromise on his ideal spouse, although he thinks others have, such as his friend Natalie.

  • Why does Dave feel uncomfortable with compromise?
  • What events in his past or childhood may have contributed to this?
  • Is compromise an acceptable approach to selecting a life partner?
  • Is compromise a necessary part of selecting a life partner?
  • In what way have you compromised in relationships?

Waiting for a hero

Mandy also had high standards for a potential mate. She spent years waiting for her hero to arrive, a man worthy of her idealized late father.

  • How might this have caused Mandy to fall for Dave?
  • How does Mandy overcome this at the end of the book?
  • Do our relationships with our parents influence our choice of spouse?
  • Have you experienced this directly?

Running away

Most people Dave knew in Katamon were running away: from their past, from their families, from their future.

  • Was Dave also running away? From what?
  • And Jay?
  • Have you ever run from aspects of your past, family or future?
  • How has this influenced your life decisions?

Running toward

Dave thinks that both he and Jay had found a goal to run toward, only that Jay's target had turned out to be false.

  • Is it better to run toward something than to run away? Why?
  • What would you do differently if you were to run toward something instead of running away?
Barnes and Noble Book Depository (free intl. shipping)
Or order at your book store
ISBN: 0986393215

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