About Dan

Dan writes tales of romantic misadventure, many of which take place in Jerusalem. His novel, A Love and Beyond, won the 2016 Best Books Award for Religious Fiction.

Dan was born under the sunny blue skies of South Africa in 1976.

A traditional Jewish upbringing and warm community moved Dan to study and volunteer in Israel as an adult.

In 2001, Dan made Jerusalem his home and the city's sights, sounds, legends, and spirit of adventure fill his stories.

Dan lives in Israel with his family. When not writing tales of romantic misadventure, he creates software for large corporations.

DAN SOFER is a pen name of Daniel J Miller.

Why the pseudonym?

Dan's given name has been adopted by thousands of impostors around the world.

Alter ego to the rescue.

Sofer - (Hebrew) scribe, writer

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