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The most infamous secret society that never existed is back...

The world you know is a lie. Global events are controlled by the Elders of Zion. And David Zelig wants to join them. Only the Elders can execute the justice he craves. There's only one problem. The Elders of Zion doesn't exist. It never did. So David rolls his own secret society. But he's not the only vigilante group in town.

With dark forces closing in on every side, David and his friends race from the skyscrapers of Manhattan through the secrets of Imperial Russia to an embarrassing relic from the dawn of Christianity. Along the way, David will learn about hatred. He will learn about love. And he will discover a very unusual egg. The web of conspiracy he uncovers will boggle the mind.

As time runs out in this zany, high-octane, and deliciously dark comedy thriller, David will face a shocking possibility. Have his good intentions accidentally triggered the worst antisemitic attack on American soil ever?

Audiobook read by the award-winning narrator Tim Campbell.

David’s pen tapped against his notepad as the afternoon sun sank over the glittering waters of the Hudson. The horn of a barge honked, the sound muffled and far away.

“I don’t know,” Mitchell said. He sounded disappointed. “Snooping around social media and snitching to the cops—is that the best we can do? That’s not exactly in the spirit of the Elders of Zion. We need to fight the bad guys head-on.”

Jordan scoffed. “We could wear capes and beat up thugs in the streets.”

Mitchell’s eyes lit up. “Now you’re talking!”

“For the record, I was being sarcastic. The Elders of Zion didn’t have superpowers and neither do we.”

“I thought you said they never existed.” Mitchell flashed the whites of his eyes, convinced he’d caught Jordan out.

“And neither does Batman.”

David said, “Mitchell has a point. A secret society should have real power. The Trio shouldn’t be just another neighborhood watch.”

Mitchell said, “Yeah. We should be like the Punisher.”

Jordy snorted. “Why not Superman? At least he was created by Jews.”

“He was?”

“Sure. Like the Golem of Prague—a hero with superhuman strength who protects the powerless. Only the Golem was made of clay. Come to think of it, Mitch, you have a lot in common with the Golem.”

“Hey, watch it!”

“Guys!” David said. “We’re trying to find a real way for-ward here. Comic books and superpowers aren’t helping and neither is your constant fighting.”

His friends holstered their sarcasm, and the Trio pondered the problem in silence.

“Information is power,” Jordan said.

The beginnings of a smile curled David’s lips. He liked this new direction.

Even Mitchell got on board. “Nice! We collect embarrass-ing information about powerful people and blackmail them to do what we want.”

“Extortion is illegal, Mitch.”

“Geez, Jordy, how are we supposed to run a secret society if we never break the law? That’s why it’s secret—so we don’t get caught!”

★★★★★ “Highly imaginative and hugely entertaining. This fast-moving thriller is highly recommended.”

The Jerusalem Post

★★★★★ “Very well-written and downright funny. Fans of dark humor will thoroughly enjoy this.”

Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ “Da Vinci Code meets Mission Impossible in Area 51... This is a great read, which I devoured at one sitting. Recommended!”

Renaissance Writer

★★★★★ “Targets timely issues while engaging the reader in a wild tale of dark humor and adventure. A thriller that just keeps giving.”

Christian Bookaholic

★★★★★ “Dan Sofer never disappoints. His wit and humor shine through his characters... What a fun escape from reality. I especially enjoyed the BIG surprise ending.”

★★★★★ “Underneath all the laughter runs a much deeper story... I loved it from start to finish.”

★★★★★ “Settle in for a great read with more twists and turns than a Gordian knot.”

★★★★★ “Impossible to put down!”