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A Love and Beyond

A mysterious crime. A ruthless secret society. And a desperate bachelor...

Winner medal for the 2016 Best Books Award for Religious Fiction

Winner medal for the 2016 Best Books Award for Religious Fiction.

“Thoroughly enjoyable read... engaging and hard to put down!”

5-Star review

In modern-day Jerusalem, British immigrant Dave Schwarz is thirty years old and still single. In short, his life is over.

Just as he decides to give up on love, his best friend—an archaeologist at the City of David Institute and happily married to a Jewish supermodel—tells Dave his secret. Deep in the City of David is a restaurant. But this is no ordinary restaurant: your date is guaranteed to fall in love with you.

Having nothing left to lose, Dave gives it a try. And… it works. And then Dave's troubles really begin.

“...a fast-paced, interesting story that I enjoyed. I would recommend it to friends.”

5-star review on Amazon

The secret draws Dave into a web of baffling crimes in the ancient City of David, archaeological enigmas in the Dead Sea Scrolls, insights of the Kabbalah into the nature of soul mates, and biblical conspiracies concerning King David and the true founder of Christianity.

The adventure also sets him on a collision course with dark forces that itch to trigger the End of Days.

“This fast-paced novel is a fun, light read...”

The Times of Israel

Mandy Rosenberg has taken a break from New York to study in Jerusalem. In other words, she’s shopping for a husband.

Down-to-earth but jaded by years of dating, she finds unexpected romance with Dave. But is he really her long-awaited hero? Or will the dark side of their relationship threaten all?

“Great book, fun reading, highly recommended!”

5-star review on Amazon

Questions explored in the adventure include:

  • Do soul mates really exist? How can you be sure that you have met your soul mate?
  • Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  • Is Jesus mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls?
  • The Copper Scroll mentions a billion dollar treasure. Where did come from? Where is it hidden?
  • What is the Foundation Stone?
  • Why did King David choose Jerusalem as his capital?
  • Did King David really sin with Bathsheba?
  • Who were the Jebusites?

“Tightly-written, with a vein of wry comedy that finally erupts into a frenzy of biblical proportions, the story keeps us compulsively turning pages... A very fun read!”

Yael Unterman, author of The Hidden of Things: Twelve Stories of Love & Longing (Yotzeret Publications)

A Love and Beyond is a romantic adventure through the biblical archaeology of the City of David and Qumran.

The colorful cast includes a sexy flatmate, a dodgy restaurateur, and a hotel manager with secrets of his own.

In this tale of love and deception, hope and guilt, courage and misadventure, Dave must choose between shattering his heart and risking his life.

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ISBN: 0986393215