Why is my country not supported?

Some countries do not appear in the country list in this website's footer and at checkout.

This is usually because either:

  • the country does not support a large English-speaking population or
  • the country requires sales tax collection and reporting for even a single sale

Because the number of sales on this website falls below the sales tax minimum thresholds of the supported countries, sales tax is not charged. 

This reduces costs to both readers and the author and reduces the accounting overhead.

This is also why you enter your country when purchasing digital items (i.e., ebooks and audiobooks) and why some items are unavailable in certain countries (e.g., audiobooks in the United Kingdom).

How do I buy the books if my country is not supported?

You can purchase the books:

  • at online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  • order the books at your local bookstore
  • order the books at your local library (print and/or ebook)

Also, feel free to contact Dan about adding your country.

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